Images showing Peruvan citizens, soil management and architecture

NGOAlliance was established in response to the phenomenal growth in both number and importance of non-governmental organizations. They have become influential players in everything from international trade and environmental negotiations to the provision of basic services to the poor.

For such organizations to flourish, information on their governance, finances and programs should be easily available in order that the societies that they serve can hold them accountable. Such information will also make it easier for potential donors to identify programs in which they may be interested. It is to the provision of this information in a clear and comparable web based format, that NGOAlliance is dedicated.

  • NGOAlliance is committed to making basic, comparable
    information on NGOs available on its web site in order
    to enhance knowledge about the crucial role they
    play in their societies while also improving their funding prospects.
  • NGOAlliance seeks to work in concert with other
    organizations with similar goals in order to agree on
    a standard format for basic information on NGOs.

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